Shark Base VRchat Model

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VRchat Model Files Include:

  • Unity packages: One for all the versions and one for just the sfw version
  • Blender files for each version
  • FBX files for each version
  • PSDs for all 3 models including Glow maps
  • OBJs for each model for easy custom texturing from scratch
  • 3D Coat Texturing Files
  • Substance Painter Texturing Files
  • How to upload guide

What you need for it to work:

- Creator Companion on VRchat's website

- Poiyomi Shader (Version used included in Download Folder)

Project info:

  • All models are under 70k. Rating is Medium for the SFW and V versions, Poor for both D versions
  • Model has all custom visemes and eye tracking. Made for FBT
  • 5 expressions are on hand gestures
  • Physbones are set up in the tail, ears, tongues, hair, long head fin, boobs, d i c k s, and b a l l s

In game menus included:

  • 8 toggle-able expressions
  • Emission brightness / Emission Hue sliders
  • 3 Hair options
  • Maw options for both tongues
  • Tail position
  • Tail fin shapes
  • Head fin and snout shapes
  • Body toggles: Flat chest/boobs/pecs, ears, claws
  • Teeth options: Face teeth, one set, two sets, or all of them
  • Jewelry options
  • N S F W toggles for bits and n i p s
  • 3 Different d i c k styles

(I have set up all N S F W versions to upload without front bits showing by default. This does not include the butt hole. Everything can be toggled on in game)

Tongues are set up to toggle separately. If both tongue toggles are on the opposite will shoot through your face a bit!

All the body and face Fins can be toggled on and off via blendshapes!

All of them can be found by selecting Body and under the BlendShapes drop down menu in the inspector

You are agreeing to my terms of use upon purchasing!

As always, make sure to upload n s f w versions as private and don't wear them in public areas or you could get your account banned~

Have fun! <3


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(24 ratings)
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Shark Base VRchat Model

24 ratings
I want this!