Cobra VRchat Model

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Updated version for VRchat now available as of 10/20/22!!

The updated version will not be able to just replace the previous one. I apologize for the inconvenience there!

Texture map may need touch ups in certain areas! I smoothed the map on the chest, added polys to the chest and belly, and reduced polys in other areas

Clothing UVs are exactly the same as the dragon's! All clothing was refitted to the Cobra's body so you might need to touch up lines here and there as well depending

VRchat Model Files Include:

  • Unity packages: One for all the versions and one for just the sfw versions
  • Blender 3.0 files for each version and separated versions
  • FBX files for each version and separated versions
  • PSDs for the main textures, alt textures and clothing textures
  • OBJs for each model type for easy custom texturing from scratch
  • 3D Coat Texturing Files
  • Substance Painter Texturing Files
  • How to upload guide
  • How to use info

What you need for it to work:

- Creator Companion on VRchat's website

- Poiyomi Shader (Version used included in Download Folder)

Project includes:

  • The main project includes a completely SFW version, vore with no bits version, d i c k s only, v a g only, and a model with both bits at the same time. This model has 4 meshes total: the main body and clothing with the harness and gloves separate
  • The SFW project includes a completely SFW version and a vore with no bits version
  • SFW version is just under 70k, it does not include the leash or muzzle. This version does include the jockstrap. Rates Medium with Physbones
  • All N S F W versions have everything, they range between 70k - 79k tris, Very Poor with Physbones
  • Model has all custom visemes and eye tracking. Made for FBT
  • 6 expressions are on the left hand gestures specifically, none on the right hand
  • Physbones are set up in the cobra's hood, tail, belly, tongue, loincloth, leash, jockstrap bulge, boobs, d i c k s, and b a l l s
  • There's 3 texture set ups to choose from

In game menus included:

With the update for VRChats parameters limit, I was able to fit 98% of customizable stuff in game

  • SFW versions have the original action animation menu available 
  • SFW versions have 8 expressions in an expression wheel
  • N S F W versions have 8 toggle-able expressions
  • SFW versions have a tail radial menu
  • N S F W versions have toggle-able tail positions
  • Maw open % menu and tongue out toggle (tongue will be off by default)
  • Hypnotic Eye (animated) toggle
  • Cobra hood toggles for normal state, down, and over eyes 
  • Face additions: a variety of pointy face bits and head/eyebrow plates
  • Snoot shapes: Viper, Hognose, and Big eyes plus a smaller and wider toggle
  • Option for eyelashes
  • SFW can change fang size to be longer or shorter
  • Chest change! Flat chest, boobs or pecs with a boob and pecs % size slider
  • Lots of body size sliders! (organized by chest type)
    • Thicker %
    • Dadbod %
    • Thigh + Butt %
    • Muscle %
    • Abs %
    • Gut %
    • Thinner %
    • Thick arms and legs toggles
    • Thicker tail %
    • Thinner tail %
  • (Vore) Belly size % with a squirm animation toggle
  • (Vore) A short swallow animation (doesn't affect the jaw movement)
  • Clothing options! Loooots of clothing combos and some stand alone options - Added clothing includes: Hoodie (with sleeveless and croptop blendshapes), Pants (with shorts and short shorts blendshapes)  Beanie, Goggles, Leash for the collar, Muzzle, Bra, Panties, Jockstrap, Loincloth, Arm and Leg Warmers/Stockings, Gloves and Harness
  • N S F W versions have toggles for the bits. There are now three d i c k types, human, knotted, and prehensile
  • F o r e s k i n can move slightly when human d i c k is stretched
  • N S F W versions have v a g and butt dilation % menus
  • D i c k only version has a hardness % for the human d i c k (needs to be fully erect when off or you will see it stretch weird)(I have set up all N S F W versions to upload without front bits showing by default. Everything can be toggled on in game)If you want to pick and choose which add ons you want, all the customizable bits can be toggled on and off via blendshapes! Download includes info and on how to use them!
  • Notes about physbones:- If you are moving when changing something that has phsybones (ex: boobs to flat chest) they will turn off in the position they're in so your chest might be off if you're not standing still

You are agreeing to my terms of use upon purchasing!

As always, make sure to upload n s f w versions as private and don't wear them in public areas or you could get your account banned~

Have fun! <3


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Cobra VRchat Model

114 ratings
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